Advantages of automatic hose reel
First, improve work efficiency
The automatic hose reel is a very convenient and convenient long-distance energy transmission device. Workers can obtain various energy materials or tools conveniently and quickly, and avoid the phenomenon that the tools are placed all over the place and found everywhere, saving working time and improving maintenance efficiency. .
At the same time, more vehicles can be repaired, and the reel is not only labor-saving, but also significantly improved efficiency!
Second, improve the working environment
The rewinding spring of the automatic reel can stretch and shrink the pipeline, intensively manage various energy pipelines, and change the phenomenon that the pipelines, power plugs, oxyacetylene pipelines, bulbs and spray guns are scattered and scattered. Can be used in a single use, can be used in combination, greatly saving the factory space, beautifying the working environment, and improving the grade of the enterprise.
Improve the working environment, add extra points for customer satisfaction, repeat customers naturally, business will always be prosperous!
Third, extend the service life of equipment
Maintenance plants that do not use automatic hose reels are dangerous for energy pipelines. Pipes that have been hauled in the past are very susceptible to corrosive substances. At the same time, workers’ unintentional stepping accelerates the scrapping of pipelines. The timely shrinkage of the pipe can avoid the above dangers and extend the service life of the tool.

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