Six tips for improving the efficiency of the hose reel
Automatic hose reel manufacturers introduce hose reels widely used in automotive 4S brand stores, auto beauty centers, auto repair stations, assembly workshops, large-scale electromechanical maintenance, assembly lines, production lines and other long-distance transmission. For efficiency, they also need to be used. Note the following:
1. Pay attention to the use of voltage when using. When not in use for a long time, disconnect the power supply and wipe the dirt stuck on the cable.
2, this product is limited to indoor use, outdoor use to install a sun canopy, overload and heavy pressure is strictly prohibited, so as to avoid damage to the outer casing.
3. Children who are not allowed to use or who have no operational skills are allowed to use this product.
4, pay attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of the cable, it is safe to use.
5, hand recycling should gently carry the cable, it is strictly prohibited to let go of recycling, so as not to affect the service life.
6. The reel has built-in self-locking device, which has automatic cable arranging and recycling function. When the wire is pulled out for a certain length, the self-locking device needs to be retracted when the wire needs to be retracted, and the wire is automatically pulled back.
Automatic hose reel manufacturers introduce the above points not only can increase the life expectancy of the reel, but also improve our work efficiency and personal safety, so you can try it in the above way!
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